Hidden Value In Inventure Foods (SNAK) Seeking Alpha (registration)

Its products in the healthy/natural category include frozen berries, smoothies, coffee products, kettle chips, specialty snacks and cereals. Hidden Value in Inventure Inventure (NASDAQ: SNAK ) has positioned itself in many high growth categories and the firm's strategic initiatives will increase profitability moving forward. Business Inventure manufactures products in the healthy/natural and indulgent snack category through its portfolio of owned and licensed brands. He and the rest of the firm's top executives are former tier one CPG (consumer packaged goods) executives that according to CFO Steve Weinberger "grew tired of big company bureaucracy and politics and wanted a more entrepreneurial environment" (... Their decision to join Inventure, and specifically Mr. McDaniel's compensation plan, also illustrates that they are highly motivated and believe in the business. The company's indulgent segment consists of various snack items including different kinds of chips, fries and...

Price check of Costco vitamins in taiwan vs US?

Going back to Taiwan to visit family, as usual, I'll be stuffing my luggage of goods to bring back there, and most are vitamins of sorts from Costco here (USA). I know there are Costcos in Taiwan and I know they sell vitamins there, does anyone know if

Well they opened one in Taichung. But if you by the pills in the united states they will be much cheaper. The costco in Taiwan usually sells medicine in Taiwan and Japan, although 40 percent of the vitamins in stock are US made.

How long are vitamins good/effective after they expire?

I bought a large bottle of vitamins from Costco and they have expired... should I just throw them out, or continue to use them (and for how long)?

I would use them and post it here if you feel any ill effects. They are always conservative on expiration dates just to cover their butts. After all they don't know if you stored them in the sun or subjected them to other ill treatment.

they're probably still good for a while.....but.....there's an expiration date on that bottle for a reason. i'd throw them out and get new ones....i'm sure nothing would happen but they're probably not as effective...better to be safe than sorry rig

why does the nutrition label on the almonds from costco not list any Vitamin E?

i love costco.. i always have a bag of their store brand almonds in my freezer. but i looked on the nutrition label, and it does not list any vitamin E. why is there no vitamin E? i thought almonds were rich in the vitamin!

I just checked my can of almonds. They are not from Costco, but mine list no Vitamin E either. Must not have any

Costco Multi-vitamin complex making me feel nervous?

I've been taking the Kirkland daily multi vitamin complex that they sell at Costco. However for some reason these seem to make me feel tense and irritable during the day. Is this just me or is anyone else having this problem? I am wondering which ingredient

It could be the dye. My son and daughter both get like that when they are exposed to red dye. Try a different brand of vitamin and see if you react. Just make sure it doesn't have the same dye as the Costco vitamins. If you try a different vitamin supplement