Is there a chewable vitamin for hair growth?

I can't swallow pills, my tongue always stops it somehow. And I gag on liquids. So is there such thing as a chewable hair growth vitamin?
Or does anyone know of small pills?

Prenatal vitamins, Vitamin E. They aren't chewable but the prenatal you could possibly crush up, although I wouldn't want to because of the taste. Vitamin E can be popped, but with the same problem with the taste.

What is the best hair growth pill to use?

So biotin, that hair, skin & nails stuff or prenatal vitamins? And if so what is the best brand? Don`t suggest huge pills only normal or chewable. Also if you have experience with one of them how well did your hair grow a month? Can kids take prenatal

Your diet determines hair growth, not bs pills.


Will I Grow Taller? Please read my situation and feel free to give any input!?

Ya Im a 17 year old guy, 5'8, 168 lbs.

Long story short, I feel too short/small.

I have short parents (mom 5'1; dad 5'7) and short grandparents, however my dad's dad is 6'3.

I really feel the need to grow taller

You'll grow another 1.4 inches in the following years.